Burnt Flour for Diaper Rash: The Safe and Effective Solution

  • By: Amanda
  • Date: July 26, 2022

It’s happened to all of us. We run out of diaper cream in the middle of the night and baby’s rash is bad… do we just leave it?

But what if there was a better solution? What if you could use something that’s already in your kitchen? Something that’s safe and effective?

That’s where burnt flour comes in. Burnt flour has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for diaper rash. And it works!

This is part of our series of natural treatments for diaper rashes.

Got a diaper rash? Burnt Flour is the solution!

This is an age old remedy that many of your ancestors would have known and used. I’m sure if you ask your granny she would have used it on her children!

If your baby’s skin is sensitive, try this therapy for nappy rash or skin irritation.

What is Burned or Browned Flour?

Burned flour is what it says it is, flour that has been ‘burned or browned in a pan. This is done to kill off the bacteria which may be present in it. You can then sieve it and it acts in a very similar manner to corn starch for diaper rash. However, it is important that you cook or burn the flour first.

How to Apply Browned Flour as a Diaper Rash Treatment

Mix enough flour with just a tiny bit of water to make a paste. The texture should be similar to toothpaste or mud. You don’t want it wet and sloppy or too dry. Apply the mixture over the affected area and leave it on overnight

You can put the brown flour on the worst diaper rash and it will help form a barrier against the wet diaper. It’s great to use on sensitive skin instead of petroleum jelly. You should notice the skin inflammation start to calm once your babies skin has had a chance to heal itself under the protective layer of the browned flour.

How to Make Browned Flour

Heat a pan on the stove on a very low heat.

Add some plain flour and stir until it turns brown and smells like toast. You need to burn flour essentially!

Put the burnt flour into a sieve to cool, then use as needed. You can store this for months so if you do a big batch is should last a long time. Only mix the paste up as you use it.

Why Burnt Flour for Diaper Rash?

There are several reasons why burnt flour works:

It’s non-toxic and safe for your baby. It’s normally in your kitchen cupboard, already – you don’t have to go out and buy anything special! It absorbs moisture from the rash or skin irritation

If the burnt flour mixture is too dry for your baby’s bottom, just add a little bit more water. Or if you prefer you can add it to oil like coconut oil or shea butter to make a butt paste.

Remember to try to be consistent with applying the mixture for nappy rash. If you miss an application, it may still work but you want to get it on during the night when the baby sleeps for the best results.

Burnt flour has no side effects.

FAQs on Using Browned Flour to Treat Diaper Rash

How long does it take for browned flour to work?

Normally it takes a couple of hours to see results. If you have been diligent and applied the burnt flour paste overnight, usually by morning baby will be rash free!

You can use it on top of any other home remedies you are using. Apply breast milk or olive oil first, let them dry and then put on the diaper rash browned flour at diaper change time. This will keep babies skin dry.

Can I use Burned Flour for Diaper Rash if My Baby is Sensitive?

Yes you can, as mentioned above it is safe and non-toxic and unscented products. Just use it on any diaper rashes you have like you would any other treatment. You can combine with with baking soda which also has anti inflammatory properties.

Do I need to wash the burnt flour off my baby’s bottom?

No, leaving it on overnight or for a long period of time works best. If you remove it too soon it may not work as well. The idea is to form a second skin on the rash to allow it to heal itself.

Will It Work on Yeast Infections or Thrush?

Yes, burnt flour can be used on thrush. It is a cheap and readily available treatment that can be used in conjunction with a prescribed anti-fungal diaper rash cream if necessary.

What to Expect from Burnt Flour

You can expect browned flour paste to reduce redness and irritation within a few hours, usually, overnight the rash will clear up. To avoid diaper rash going forward every time you put on a new diaper ensure that you have given your baby plenty of diaper free time, at each diaper change thoroughly wash and dry the bottom area.

What if Burnt Flour Doesn’t Work?

If burnt flour doesn’t work then it is important to visit your doctor if the rash continues or gets worse, as you may need a prescription for treatment. Or you can try other natural remedies for diaper rash like olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera creams, or give your baby some lovely soothing baths to help their diaper rash.

Can you use flour instead of corn starch for rash?

Yes, you can. Cornstarch is not readily available to everyone and if you are trying to be frugal or resourceful then burnt flour works just as well.

How Often Should I Apply Burnt Flour?

You should start applying it once the rash begins (the redness) and continue until the redness has gone away.

Does Burnt Flour Stain Clothes?

No burnt flour does not stain clothing once it is dry. Once the mixture is applied to baby’s bottom you can cover it with a nappy or diaper if required.

Is burnt flour safe with cloth diapers

Yes, burnt flour is safe to use with cloth diapers.

The Lowdown on Using Burned Flour to Treat Diaper Rash

If you’re looking for a natural, affordable way to treat your baby’s diaper rash, look no further than burnt flour. This simple remedy can be made at home with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard, and it absorbs moisture from the rash or skin irritation. The burnt flour mixture is also safe to use with cloth diapers. So if you’re struggling with a stubborn case of diaper rash, give this DIY treatment a try!